Amazon UK guide to Ordering

There are always many new friends who are not very clear about the process of using the British shopping website for the first time. Here is the analysis of the most complete order process of Amazon in the UK for you:

Sign up for Amazon

1. Select the product you want, before adding to the shopping cart, you can see the option to remind you to Sign In on the upper right corner. If you don’t have an account, you can click the option of “Start Here” to fill In your name, Email and password, and then verify your Email. If you have an account, you can directly enter the password to log in (if you have ever registered an Amazon China account in China, you can also log in on amazon UK website).

Order on Amazon

2. After logging in to your Amazon account, the next step is to add common addresses. This page can also be added to the common pick points, click search on the right. If you are in China and want to buy something on the UK website, please select “China China” under “Country”. If you want to send it to China, please write the address in Chinese.

Amazon Shopping Cart

3. Now that the preparation is complete, the next step is to add items to the shopping cart. Click on the small shopping cart icon in the upper right corner to see the details of the items you have selected. Proceed to Checkout (” Proceed to Checkout “)

Amazon Delivery

4. The Checkout page allows you to select a shipping address and method from a list of common addresses. If you want it the next day, you can try Amazon Prime Trial for free for one month (six months for students) and then click Add to Basket. Then you can pay. Basically, The official website of Amazon will send you two emails after you pay the money: one is Confirmation that you placed the order successfully, and the other is Dispatch notice after the goods are sent. Just wait for the mail.

Are there fakes on Amazon?

There are many products on Amazon that are owned by Amazon or directly sold by manufacturers on Amazon, which is a guarantee of authenticity. There are also private businesses on Amazon, but the review process is more strict, and the merchant reputation score is very clear, you pay attention to check goods and merchant reviews, identify the behavior of brushing, can avoid buying fake goods. If you unfortunately receive fake goods or are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can also contact Amazon customer service or the seller, Amazon/seller will check and return the full payment to you. The committee members did not receive the goods when they shopped at the seller’s home for several times. However, as soon as they contacted the seller, they received a reply and all the products would be sent out again or the money would be refunded. The shopping experience was really good.

Have you ever noticed the phenomenon of swiping reviews on Amazon? Amazon gives priority to products with high reviews and high sales, so swiping reviews has become a money-making strategy for e-commerce. However, Amazon’s fake reviews are not just copy-and-paste, but increasingly difficult to identify. I believe that everyone is usually as a buyer to visit Amazon, so the committee to sort out how to identify fake reviews, to avoid thunder.

  • 1. Sort Amazon reviews by date

Generally, “popular comments” will be at the front of the list, and the popular comments may also be generated, so you can set the review order to “latest”, and compare various aspects.

  • 2. Read negative reviews

Generally, fake reviews require high scores and favorable reviews, so low scores are more valuable to help you decide whether to buy the product.

  • 3. Use the search bar

The search bar at the top of the comments helps you find reviews for specific features. If a particular feature is what you’re looking for, such as “lightweight” or “pet hair” on a vacuum cleaner, using the search bar to filter reviews is more useful.

  • 4. Beware of multi-picture comments

Because brush praise on the length of text and pictures are required, ordinary consumers will rarely seriously take pictures to praise, so a product with a lot of pictures of the time to pay attention to it.

  • 5. Check Amazon seller reviews

In addition to buyer reviews, seller reviews are also a consideration. You can check whether the seller is authoritative, as well as their after-sales service information.

  • 6. Don’t ignore lesser known brands

Many sellers on Amazon may come from small-brand startups, but that doesn’t mean their products are necessarily bad. This time in addition to reference comments, you can also do some understanding of the background of the brand, perhaps the treasure brand.

  • 7. Don’t just rely on Amazon’s choices

Amazon’s Choice may also be a spawn, but the other references above are also important.

  • 8. Turn to fake review filtering sites or tools

The committee has two websites to recommend, Reviewmeta and Fakespot, to help detect fake reviews.

(Amazon Reviewmeta test results page)

The result of Reviewmeta is quite intuitive. You just need to open its official website and put your product link, such as Amazon’s product link, in it. It will automatically screen out the percentage of fraudulent reviews and adjust the product score after removing abnormal reviews. The juicer, for example, had 82% of reviews deemed “not neutral,” which would change the rating from 4.8 to 4.6.

(Fakespot displays the results page)

Fakespot is actually A Chrome plugin. When you install it, you can open amazon’s website and see the ratings of different products. The ratings are a-F, where A indicates 100% genuine reviews and F indicates that the product’s reviews are not trustworthy. Not only can amazon products be tested, but Ebay babies can also use it to check the reliability of product reviews.

How do I track Amazon Prices

Children who shop in Amazon will also find that the price of Amazon goods is always changing, and the price of the same goods often goes up and down, so it is easy to “buy and lose” if they don’t know the rules. The committee found two websites that track prices, CamelCamelCamel and Keepa:


(Price changes for a mouthwash on CamelCamelCamel)

Camelcamelcamel is free to check the prices and trends of different products on Amazon and third-party merchants on its website (registration required), set low price alerts, and download a browser plug-in to use.

(Price change of a mixer on Keepa)

Keepa is also a good price tracking tool, similar to CamelCamelCamel, can also view a comprehensive price history chart, set price alerts, more rich data content, and also supports browser plug-in installation.

Amazon Shopping Tips

Method of payment

Amazon UK currently supports multiple payment methods on its website: Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, EuroCard, American Express, PayPal, etc. If you have a Gift Card or Gift Voucher from Amazon in the UK, you can also use it for payment. You can also top up your Amazon account so you can use your balance to buy things.

Amazon Platinum MasterCard

Amazon Platinum MasterCard UK also offers Amazon Platinum MasterCard with the following application requirements:

• Over 18 years old with a fixed income;

• Are permanent UK residents who have lived in the UK for the past year (other than members of the UK Armed Forces);

• Current Account and mobile phone number of UK bank.

Amazon Platinum MasterCard has several benefits:

  • 1. New offer: New users can get a 25 pound Amazon gift card after application (available to all);
  • 2. Amazon Points for every £2 spent with Amazon Platinum MasterCard in the UK and 0.5 Amazon points for every £2 spent with Amazon Platinum MasterCard anywhere else. For every 1,000 points = £10 Gift cards on Amazon UK.
  • 3. No annual fee, 0 interest for the first 3 months.

Note: Amazon UK reserves the right of final interpretation. For details, please refer to the official website.

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