‘The’ Cheap 40 Inch Smart TV’ The Hisense 40A5600FTUK

If you’ve read our latest article “How to Turn Your TV into a Smart TV” and decided you want to make the jump to owning your first Smart TV, we’ve just the product in mind. The word expensive typically sprung to mind when we talk about smart TVs. But, believe it or not, there is an extensive list of cheap 40 inch smart TV models for the budget-conscious. And, out of those available options, the HISENSE 40A5600FTUK Smart Television quickly snags the top spot, and we’re going to tell you why. 

Here is our full review of this wallet-friendly smart TV from HISENSE. 

The Screen Size 

Let’s be honest. Watching your favourite programme (we won’t judge!) is way more exciting and captivating when you don’t have to squint your eyes or sit near the telly just to see what’s happening. 

With the 40-inch screen size of the HISENSE 40A5600FTUK Smart Television, you can finally experience the kickback-and-relax viewing that you’ve always dreamed about! Just make sure to place this cheap 40 inch smart TV to the recommended 59 inches viewing distance. Anything lower or higher than that, and you bet it’s not going to be immersive. 

Better Picture Quality 

We’re not going to lie. We didn’t expect much in terms of picture quality. And boy, we were pleasantly surprised when we turned on the TV for the first time — let’s just say that phrase don’t judge a book by its cover applies to televisions too. 

How is this possible in a cheap 40 inch smart TV, you ask? 

Well, HISENSE fitted this smart TV with a feature that they call Natural Colour Enhancer. And it works as it sounds. It prompts the pixels to output a realistic image that your eyes will feast on. Further improving its fantastic picture quality is the noise reduction feature that smoothens out any annoying distortion you usually experience in sports or action movies. 

Combine those features, and you’ll have a cheap 40-inch smart tv that outputs better picture quality than other budget FHD (Full-High Definition) TVs.

Simple Yet Intuitive Interface 

This HISENSE uses VIDAA U OS to navigate through the built-in apps, channels, and settings. The OS accurately responded without noticeable lags that would otherwise make skipping through Netflix utterly unbearable. 

But what stood out for us is the TV’s customizable launcher – a feat you wouldn’t find in most budget smart TVs. You can move frequently used apps like Netflix (yes, this HISENSE model has Netflix built-in), Prime Video, and other on-demand streaming apps with fewer buttons to push. 

Quality and Design 

The HISENSE 40A5600FTUK Smart TV is still within an acceptable range of thinness, meaning you don’t have to purchase a wider TV table for it. In case you’re wondering, this 40 inch TV is VESA mount ready — yes, you can mount it in your living room’s wall. Adding to its minimalist is the barely-there black bezels that surround the FDR panel. 

As for the quality, you won’t feel like it’s five times cheaper than premium TVs because it has a metal unibody. 

You’ve read that right. It’s a metal build, not some flimsy, cheap plastic! 

Conclusion – ‘The’ Cheap 40 Inch Smart TV of the Year!

All in all, the HISENSE 40A5600FTUK Smart TV delivers more value compared to other budget smart TVs we’ve seen flooding in the market. Although it only has FHD resolution, you can expect its additional features like the Natural Colour Enhancer and MasterPro (noise reduction) to jump in to bring the picture to life! And, it certainly helps that it doesn’t feel cheap and bulky as well, making it our best cheap 40-inch smart tv of the year! 

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