Family entertainment: How to choose a smart home?

With the development of AI technology and the improvement of consumption level, more and more people are interested in smart home. This also reflects people’s demand for higher and higher quality of life. How to choose their own smart home products? You just need to master the following techniques.

1. Identify the needs of family members.

People living alone

Living alone, you only need to consider your own needs. For example, go out always forget to take if, then intelligent door lock is absolutely inevitable to buy products. In this way, you can make your life more convenient, and the security is higher than the traditional door lock before, greatly improving the safety of individual isolation. If you like listening to music and watching movies, you can also choose an intelligent audio system. Imagine coming home from work, giving instructions to an intelligent assistant and lounging on a soft sofa listening to music. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of a long day at work.

Couples living together

For couples or husband and wife, want to improve the quality of life through smart home, need to take care of the feelings of two people. For example, intelligent floor sweeping robots. It can help you clean every corner of your house without having to do it yourself. Couples can listen to music. Eating good food, enjoying the two of us. The sweeping robot can free them from the busy housework and have a relaxing family time.

Parents and children live together.

In this case, the family’s priority is safety. For example, intelligent monitoring can check the home situation of the elderly and children at any time, which is convenient for nursing.

2. Understand brand and word of mouth

At present, there are a lot of intelligent household brands on the market, the price is different. For most consumers, cost performance has become an important prerequisite for choice. As a rational consumer, “buy the right stuff, not the expensive stuff”, check out purchase reviews, reviews and videos on youtubers when choosing products to buy. Multi-channel understanding of product brand and reputation, choose good reputation, high performance, after-sales service number of smart home products.

3. Focus on the stability of products

The choice of smart home is to make life more safe and convenient. If the system is not stable enough, it will cause problems for itself. For example, intelligent lighting system, people come to the light, people walk the light off. If people are still in the bathroom, the lights will automatically turn off, which will greatly affect the user experience. Therefore, in the purchase of products, buyers must experience. In the process of experience, we should know whether the safety and stability of the product conform to the manufacturer’s propaganda so as to avoid unnecessary risks.

4. Focus on scene linkage and fully intelligent experience.

Smart home belongs to experiential consumption. Linkage, timing, distance, and richness of usage of scenarios are critical to users. A smart home is not smart enough if it is only remotely controlled and not able to analyze its own decisions. Scenarioization, linkage and automatic execution are the essential characteristics of smart home. Such as going home, leaving home, watching movies, sleeping and other different scenarios, smart home system can be started with a button. Another example is to help users eliminate security risks, while the alarm to remind the function. These are the full intelligent experience that smart home brings.

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