Home entertainment:What about Nest Hub 2

Google has unveiled the second generation of its Nest Hub smart screen. It combines three functions, including screen, voice assistant, and speaker, and can also measure sleep health.

Next, I will introduce the details of the second generation of Google Nest Hub.

The second generation of Google Nest Hub’s smart screen is 120.4mmx tall, 177.4mmx wide, and 69.5mm thick. Its 7-inch touch screen is taller and wider than your palm, weighs 558g, and comes with a quick start guide and a 15W power adapter.

Under the screen, a 43.5-mm full-range speaker, three microphones, Soli sensor with Motion Sense function, and ambient brightness and temperature sensors are connected. On the back of the screen, there are volume control buttons and a microphone radio switch.

What’s more, it’s very easy to install!

On either Android or iOS, you’ll be able to pair your Nest Hub 2 connection with the Google Home app. You can start using Google Nest Hub 2 whenever you’re in a Wi-Fi environment.

You can voice Google Assistant to control your life.

For example, smart home products like smart lightbulb switches can be called to pair, streaming video like NetFlix and YouTube, listening to Music like KKBOX and YouTube Music, and making free calls to Google Duo. More clear and simple control! You can swipe on the screen and call up the control column. You can also turn on/off sleep monitoring, do not disturb mode, and more. Swipe left to create a digital photo frame to use Google Album photos or default artwork. Swipe right to enter the home screen, where you can view the recommended functions, home control system, media apps, and Google Duo calls by time sequence, or choose to explore how to operate each function using system instructions.

Unfortunately, the Google Nest Hub doesn’t have a video lens. But it can still be operated by turning on Motion Sence. You can play/pause current audio/video content or take a Google Duo call by simply moving your hand toward the Nest Hub. Is it very convenient?

In addition to the convenience advantage, the Google Nest Hub 2 is also suitable for taking care of your sleep. It uses Soli sensing technology to measure movement and breathing to learn when you go to bed and wake up, as well as the length and quality of your sleep. When you wake up, you can check your own sleep data in the Google Fit app to learn about your sleep quality and habits and have a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the second generation of The Google Nest Hub is suitable for multiple uses thanks to its screen. In family life, it can help you a lot. For example, leave it in the kitchen while you’re cooking, so you can watch the recipe while you’re watching the show. Or, if you want to work out at home, you can call out a fitness video and follow a fitness blogger. You can also use Chromecast from your desk to display your phone’s images as a second screen.

The second generation of Google Nest Hub is absolutely necessary for you to enjoy a happy life!