How to create a high-grade and textured home with intelligent lighting?

With the iteration of intelligent homes, more and more families have wanted to have intelligent lighting in the past two years. So, how should we make reasonable use of intelligent lamps to create a variety of lighting atmospheres to make the overall home decoration look senior and grade? Let me share some experiences.

How can we use light to bring a warm atmosphere to our home

Lighting design, not just soft installation of the front pick light fixture so simple. What kind of light source is used, which lighting points are arranged, the collocation of light color, and surrounding environment. These need professional designers to do the planning.

1, a variety of light sources, level collocation

The room of onefold illuminant, look thin, pale, do not have vigor, because this “a main lamp goes the world” long ago impracticable. Want to build the advanced feeling of a space, be about down lamp, shoot lamp, lamp belt, droplight, desk lamp, stand lamp illuminant spot is used in wedlock, present the lamplight effect that has administrative levels feeling more.

  • Tips:
    Unsure of the idea to do no main lamp, the effect will not be poor, but to ask a professional designer planning lighting design;
  • Two personalized lamps can appear at most in the same space, which will not show clutter;
  • In the dim light environment, the use of downlight and lamp belt combined light source to do no main lamp design can make the space appear more advanced durable;
  • The light belt is a minor expert in creating a sense of atmosphere, and it is recommended to arrange in advance;
  • The use of different color temperatures is other. If you are not sure, starting with a three-color light source is recommended.

2, early layout, reserved points

The lighting layout must be determined in the plane plan, and then do the system layout. In this way, the program can be avoided change, resulting in the lights just appearing in flower asperse and other objects are above the “mistake” event. Each electrical appliance, cabinet body, furniture dimensions are accurately marked in the plan, and then to comb the corresponding water and electricity point socket position so as not to make mistakes or omission

  • Tips:
  • Do not change after determining the plane plan! In case of adjustment, be sure to review the water and electricity plan;
  • Early layout, determine the light source, repeatedly check;
  • Better stay than do little

It is not difficult for us to see that we want to do a lamplight design. We should intend to realize intelligent nations want more bean counters.