How to design smart Home according to the life of the elderly?

Smart home design provides people with health, safety, comfort, environmental protection, and a convenient living environment for the basic principle. Intelligent household design is the most important point is to accord with the living characteristics of the living crowd. Because of a different living crowd, the smart home design focus has changed, such as smart Home for the elderly and smart Home for children to live in the design will be different. Do we know how to design smart Homes according to older adults’s life characteristics?

According to the characteristics of the elderly smart home design, always to ease of use, reliability, standardization, and humanization for the concept.

Ease of use: Smart Home is a multi-control system collaboration strong functionality. In the intelligent home system, the control mode is not too complex, and the best is easy to use and easy to operate the control mode.

Reliability: In daily life, the reliability of smart home service terminals must be guaranteed. When the elderly operate the home facilities, the system’s normal operation must be guaranteed, after-sales service, installation, and maintenance problems should also be paid great attention to when the product problems should be solved in the most efficient way to deal with such problems.

Standardization: The design of smart home service terminals should be carried out following national standards or industry standards. Without standardized products, it isn’t easy to guarantee the quality of their products, and their reliability is inevitably not guaranteed. 

Humanization: from the perspective of senior physiology, with the growth of age, the cognition and acceptance of the elderly are getting worse and worse, especially the ability to receive new things. The elderly only need simple steps to complete the command operation, which fully solves the drawback that the elderly are not easy to use electronic products.

How to design a smart home according to the life characteristics of the elderly, the design of the elderly living space should be considered in many aspects, from the elderly psychology, physiology, and other aspects of the elderly to carry out a careful study to provide the theoretical basis for the design of smart home research.

Developed countries have entered the aging society, and family community pension has become the mainstream pension model. LivingLab smart Home provides system solutions for elderly care, providing reliable protection and an ideal living environment for the elderly at Home through intelligent security, emergency help, intelligent access control, gas detection, air quality control, and other technologies.

System features:

Emergency help: install emergency help buttons at the head of the bed, toilet, living room, and so on. When the elderly meet an emergency, they can click for help. The system will immediately notify their children, community security, community hospital, and through SMS and phone.

Gas leak detection: when the gas leak occurs, the system will automatically close the safety valve, open the window, protect the safety of the family;

Remote video communication: The elderly can interact with their children in video anytime and anywhere through this system. One-button control is simple and convenient without any tedious operation.

Anti-theft alarm: doors and Windows anti-theft monitoring and intrusion alarm, once the alarm is found, the system can immediately notify the children through SMS or telephone;

Remote monitoring: owners can check the real-time picture of home monitoring at any time through mobile phones, tablets, and other terminals to ensure the safety of the elderly;

Mobile access control: children can remotely open the door for the elderly returning home through mobile phones or remotely close the doors and windows when their family members forget to close them.

Remote control of lighting and air conditioning: children can supervise and manage the lighting and air conditioning of the elderly through mobile phones;

Automatic air quality control: the system monitors the air quality in the Home. When the harmful gas content exceeds the standard, it can automatically start the air purifier to improve the quality of the indoor environment and provide a healthy living environment for the elderly in the Home.