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Tips for high-tech home living

(Pocket-lint) – Leaving the hall light on and the curtains half open doesn’t make your home secure, so we’ve come up with essential top tips,

Amazon UK guide to Ordering

There are always many new friends who are not very clear about the process of using the British shopping website for the first time. Here

Treadmills for home use in the UK

Everybody ‘’ homebody”, stay at home for a long time, the body is increasing small meat meat is more and more difficult to “hide”? Gym

Smart Home Industry Trends For 2022

The State Of The Smart Home Industry Smart homes are no longer retained for the sate-of-the-art modern homes. Since the pandemic sprung on the world,

Smart home design concept

Design concept is the key of the development of smart home control and operator’s point of view, the market target customers really need something, what

Why Do DVDs Still Exist?

Some people still buy them—though not necessarily who you’d think. As Tiger King 2 enthralls and appalls viewers and some fans of Star Trek: Discovery lament the idea of

The experience with Amazon Echo

It is very convenient to use with an intelligent bulb. We don’t have to wrestle with the switch as we enter the door. Just say,

Smart Home: Improve your sleep

Sleep detection devices can improve our sleep by recording physiological changes in our bodies and customizing and adjusting the room’s temperature, lighting, and other environments.

The most popular VR device of 2022

With Facebook changing its name to Mate, the idea of a metaverse is gaining momentum. At the same time, more and more people are paying

ALEXA’s ‘Star Trek’

Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa is named after Star Trek. Now, Alexa is going to space. this year, Amazon and Lockheed Martin have already announced

Sonos Play One Black: Product Review

The Sonos One may not replace a proper audio speaker system setup, but what it has is better sound quality than most entry-level wireless have


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