PS4, Switch, XBox Home Game Console Starter guide

Every Christmas when I go home, I pick out Christmas presents for my kid. Gave him a PS4 last year and the kid was happy.

It was a prudent choice, and after reviewing many people’s suggestions, I decided to start with SONY, Nintendo, and Microsoft, the big three in the home motion console space. This article focuses on the classic products of these three game manufacturers to introduce the home motion-sensing game consoles.

Nintendo, SONY, and Microsoft, which rely on excellent device quality, have almost become synonymous with the home console.

Nintendo is the oldest gaming company and a living fossil of console history. It has endured for decades. My first impression of Nintendo was when I played a card game as a child. Later, games like Super Mario And Pokemon became household names. The Switch is a Nintendo console released in recent years. It comes in the original Switch Renewal and Switch Lite versions.

The richest source of games is SONY, the most diverse home console pole. SONY has more indie games than any other console maker, big or small. It’s the creator Of From Software, ATLUS, Square Enix, and God Of War. SONY quickly built a loyal audience worldwide with its PS4 series of consoles and its vast gaming portfolio.

Microsoft, which has the best PC and console compatibility. Microsoft isn’t just making home computers, and it’s also investing heavily in home motion consoles. Microsoft has a huge gaming audience around the world. Microsoft has long had ambitions to integrate games on console and PC platforms. But it doesn’t have a lot of indie games. It relies on high-performance gaming devices like the Xbox One X to still p a great gaming experience.

Different home motion game machine models

1,SONY has three fourth-generation consoles: PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

The PS4 has been discontinued. PS4 Pro has the advantage of high configuration and high performance. It has very high hardware, 4K gaming screen support, HDR screen playback. Even if you don’t have A 4K TV, it can improve the picture quality to some extent. And by wearing smart VR devices, users can develop VR gameplay for some games. CPU frequency 2.1GHZ, 4.20 TFLOPS, the picture quality is very clear and smooth.

The PS4Slim highlights being thin and light. Compared to the Pro, it has a thinner body design and lower power consumption. But for a slimmer body, the Slim comes at the expense of the optical audio port. It is also slightly lower than the Pro in CPU and floating-point computing power.

2,Nintendo Switch

The highlights of Switch’s battery life are its strong battery life and diverse game modes. It can support TV, desktop and portable game modes simultaneously. The game will last up to 4.5-9 hours longer than the original. It also supports Joy-Con gamepads.

Switch Lite edition is more convenient. The Lite is smaller and lighter than the battery Lite. But the battery life is slightly worse, and there is only one game mode, handheld mode. It has a lower price and is ideal for students with less financial means.

  • Microsoft XBOX ONE

The Xbox One X highlights high performance. The 2.3ghz AMD processor with the maximum floating-point calculation of 6 trillion times of high-performance GPU, and 12G GDRR5 memory, can support 60 frames per second 4K picture quality. The immersive game experience is very high. Even if you don’t have a 4K TV in your home, you can improve your picture quality to some extent. Anti-aliasing, the frame rate has been improved considerably.

The Xbox One S highlights the value for money. It’s not as good as the Xbox One X, but it still has a 1.75GHz main frequency and a maximum 1.4 teraflops of floating point computing power.


The number of exclusive games varies greatly from platform to platform. But there’s not much difference in the way a lot of third-party games are played. Some of our most familiar games are Japanese, and Xbox suffers from that. But with the power of the device, it’s still very strong in terms of playing a lot of third-party games.