Smart home makes your pet’s life better

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How to feed pets when you are on a business trip? You may still be struggling with this question.

Now the problem can be solved!

Smart wearables aren’t just for humans.

Pet bloggers have recently posted a series of pet audible buttons, which have attracted a wave of attention. Different buttons in the system correspond to different sounds. Dogs can be trained to express their needs such as “eat”, “drink” and “go out to play” by pressing corresponding buttons.

When the owner is not at home, it can also communicate with the pet remotely through smart devices. For example, as long as the basic “pet companion robot” is connected to the Internet through the WiFi at home, the owner can see the pet at home and communicate with it remotely through the App anytime, anywhere, or even give orders. The ‘upgraded’ camera also comes with a screen that allows pets to see their owners’ video through two-way video calls.

More advanced robots, equipped with “wheels”, can move around the house so that owners can control them remotely, making it easier to see and even interact with their pets. Some of the robots have added playtime features for different pets, such as laser projection or a flexible feather, to keep cats in pursuit, increasing their activity and energy.

In addition, if the home is equipped with an intelligent feeding system, the host can also realize the feeding of snacks and regular distribution of pet food through the mobile App.

These things mean that cats and dogs, as human companions, have also entered the digital life ahead of time. They now have wearable devices to monitor their health and activities, prevent them from getting lost, interact remotely with their owners via smart devices, and even let them learn more about their lives.

More than 80% of pet owners are interested

Smart pet devices are developing rapidly

A survey shows that 87.6 percent of pet owners are interested in smart devices for their pets, 74 percent of dog owners and 55 percent of cat owners are most looking forward to smart collars against losing pets, 39 percent of dog owners are looking forward to home appliances related to “living”, and 49.6 percent of cat owners are looking forward to home appliances related to “eating”.

Pets have become a part of many families. According to a “post-2000s research report”, 71.4 percent of Internet users born in the 2000s have experience or desire to keep pets, and 43.1 percent of them regard pets as “as important as family”.

However, pet owners have their own things to do, such as work, travel and so on. At this time, At this point, how to feed your pet when you are not at home becomes a problem.

Fortunately, this problem has been solved by smart devices!

All you need is a smartwatch for your pet.  It can not only tell your child’s day’s activities in real time, but also check your pet’s health, measure their mood, and even stop them running around

What is my cat doing now?

Leaving home in the morning and arriving home in the evening, toiling workers must be interested in what their cat does all day.

Instead of installing a monitor, try a smart collar called Catlog.

It can sense cats’ known behaviors, including sleeping, eating and drinking, licking PAWS, walking around…

At night, you can also look at statistics and review how much time and frequency it sleeps and plays throughout the day through a timeline.

When you are lying in bed after a hard day, you can keep track of what your pet is doing through videos recorded by the smart device.

To love it is to understand it in all its aspects,Isn’t it?

And there’s probably more to the imagination with this status-only smart collar than surveillance:

Well, does my cat sleep on the couch or snore in the hammock? In a word, it must be very fragrant.

Is my dog healthy ?

Many pets’ health is neglected because their owners are too busy at work.  

How to be a qualified breeder?  

In this case, prevention is always better than cure,  Instead of taking them to the vet twice a year, monitor their heart rate and respiration.  

The Invoxia smart collar can tell you when something is wrong with your pet.  

Invoxia uses tiny radar sensors (the same type as the Soli radar used in Google’s Pixel 4 phone) and works with professional veterinarians to develop a deep learning algorithm that takes readings no matter how thick or hairy your dog is, The algorithm determines and analyzes the dog’s heart and breathing status (not to mention GPS, activity and sleep tracking).

Inupathy’s smart strap not only monitors physical health, but also analyzes the dog’s heart rate to reveal its emotional state: whether it is stressed, ready to play outside, or happy to see the neighbor’s big dog instead of scared.

Similarly, iPetWeaR, which prevents heart attacks in cats and dogs, has a heart rate error rate as low as 5%.

IPetWeaR uses low-power physiological detection radar technology, does not touch your pet’s skin, is completely harmless, and has a smaller device that just hangs on your dog’s original collar. Or just stick it in the dog/cat house.

IPetWeaR also said the collar’s health monitoring function might be more useful for shelter workers than just routine monitoring at home.

“Don’t run~”

How do you let your dog play in a safe area within your field of vision?

A smart collar called Wagz and its app can delimit virtual fences and keep your “four-legged friends” in restricted areas.

It takes just a few seconds on your phone to set up the range of the enclosure, and when the dog is out of bounds, it receives vibrations, sounds and ultrasounds from the collar.

“I’m working, but my pet is hungry.” 

Petnet is an intelligent feeding machine for pets that can be automatically fed.

When you are working, you can operate remotely through the mobile APP to open the feeding machine. Of course, it also supports timed turn-on, which also balances work and pet feeding. Even more excitingly, Petnet’s app calculates the nutrition your pet needs based on how much it is fed and makes recommendations.

Smart devices bring more convenience and happiness to your home.  

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