Suit the body feeling game machine of family entertainment which is better?

Of the best home products I’ve bought in years, the motion console is No. 1. If I had to recommend the best thing for family entertainment, I would definitely recommend a motion console.This thing knows not many people, but the people who have used it basically cannot do without.

The motion-sensing console satisfies the mood of playing games and can exercise the body. And during the holidays, you can play video games with your kids, which will definitely strengthen family bonds.

A high-quality motion-sensing console contains a full range of games: sports, racing, and puzzle. You can also play a two-player or multiplayer game;

Motion-sensing games are suitable for people who are busy and want to do some sports at home to relax, or play with family and friends to enhance their feelings. There are also people who simply want to experience new game modes.

There are three major console platforms: PS, Xbox and Switch.

In fact, all three consoles can play motion games, but some are no longer suitable for purchase.

First, we need to know what kind of motion console is good. When we choose a motion-sensing console, we look at the support for motion-sensing games on one hand and the lineup of motion-sensing games on the other.

1, Support for motion-sensing games

Both PLAYSTATION and Xbox support motion-sensing games, but both require the purchase of additional motion-sensing devices.

PS requires the purchase of a dedicated camera and Move controller.

Xbox needs to buy Kinect. Unfortunately, Kinect is no longer in production. The latest Series S and Series X models no longer support Kinect.

The Switch has great support for motion-sensing games. It has a detachable handle, gravity sensing on Joy-Con, IR camera and more. These all provide excellent support for motion-sensing games.

2. Motion game lineup


When it comes to the motion game lineup, there are very few motion games on PLAYSTATION and Xbox.

By comparison, there are plenty of motion-sensing games on the Switch, with a wide range to choose from.


As we know from the Kinect discontinuation, Xbox has basically given up on motion-sensing games.


Playstation supports motion-sensing games on the hardware, but there are so few games on the platform that we don’t want to buy one or two.


From the above analysis, the Switch is basically the only motion-sensing console available.

Of course, everyone’s needs for motion-sensing games are different, and so are their price points. Next, I will try to recommend a few to you, you choose the right one.

1、 Nintendo Switch: the most iconic and best-selling.

The Switch can play motion games thanks to its design.

Removable Joy-Con (handle), handle with gravity sensor, IR camera, HD vibration.

Gravimetric sensors can capture motion and reflect it in the game.

An IR camera is an infrared camera with two main functions: detecting hand movements and sensing changes in the distance of the hand.

HD vibration can accurately transfer different vibration sensations, which makes the fun of motion sensing games more abundant.

《Ring Fit Adventure》can be said to be Switch’s masterpiece. Players through the fitness ring in the game to overcome the difficulties, finally defeated the dragon to save the world.The game integrates dozens of fitness movements, including running, squatting, squeezing, stretching and so on. Let the body move, the game will complete the fitness goal, very interesting.

《1, 2 Switch》

The game is a collection of 28 mini-games, all of which are very interesting two-player battles.

Like milking, Zen, fast gunslinger, sword fighter and so on, the playability is very high.

  • XBOX

Microsoft’s XBOX is also a must-see.

With more than 1,300 games, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, dual controllers, and a 1TB hard drive, it is the most cost-effective brand for motion consoles. Is a little more expensive, other perfect, strongly recommended!