The experience with Amazon Echo

  1. It is very convenient to use with an intelligent bulb. We don’t have to wrestle with the switch as we enter the door. Just say, “Alexa, light on” when we open the door, and we’re done. And when we watch movies in bed, we don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights but can adjust the color and brightness without moving. Or Echo with IFTTT to set a situational mode, “Alexa, trigger__________”. Alexa will then send you a message saying, “Sending that to it, “which automatically adjusts blue light to 30% brightness. ECho has the occasional lag because it’s a third-party platform.
  2. Amazon Echo also has the function of timing and setting alarm clocks. While the phone can be fixed, it’s good practice never to take it to bed or leave it there, and I turn off my alarm between waking and dreaming. “Alexa, wake me at 6:30 Everyday “is a convenient way to set up your alarm clock.
  3. You need to open Amazon Music Unlimited to listen to music. There are the cheapest monthly rates. Open the Voice Purchasing function. There are not many Japanese and Korean songs, and I usually use Bluetooth to let go of the phone.

Update a timer feature. Before cooking, for example, the oven should be preheated for 10 minutes, and then chicken wings should be roasted for more than 20 minutes, or the water should be boiled, and the dumplings should be boiled for 10 minutes. You don’t use the timer function when you have a cell phone. (You need to find your cell phone, turn on the alarm function, turn on the timer, and adjust the time). But with the Echo Dot, you can put things away, remove the lid of the pot (overflow proof pot), go upstairs, verbally set a timer, do whatever you need to do, and automatically remind yourself to go downstairs and turn off the fire.

There should be an Echo Dot in the kitchen

  1. I think the echo series is a product of “getting smarter with learning.” Alexa will also give you feedback when you can’t answer questions and ask if you answered correctly. There are many skills in the Alexa app, which can be added according to various situations in your life. When a certain number of voice assistant functions are added, only a dozen of them will be used regularly so that the user experience will get better and better after some time. Before going to sleep, I want to listen to the sound of the fire in the fireplace (the heating system stopped long ago, and it is still a little cold at night). Then I added a sleep Sounds skill, which has more than 40 sounds (so detailed that it can distinguish the sound of rain on the tin roof and the sound on the tent), and it is constantly updated.