VR All-in-one and VR Headset: GUIDE to buying VR glasses

VR glasses have become more and more popular since the outbreak. We all want something to do at home. For home entertainment, VR is the first choice. Because watching movies and playing games with VR glasses is a completely different experience than doing those things on a computer. The immersive feeling only VR glasses can give you.

In recent years, VR glasses have made a big splash in Ready Player One, but there are still many technical bottlenecks to break through in real life compared to movies.

The resolution and screen refresh rate are still to be improved. At present, most VR devices still have the defect of being able to directly see the pixels, namely the “window screen effect”. Of course, it is not unacceptable.

1,Oculus Quest 2

Product parameters:

  • · Resolution: 1832 x 1920
  • · refresh rate: 90hz
  • · Perspective: ~90°

Product description: This is an all-in-one VR device, it has its own operating system, does not need to connect to a computer. That means you can play VR games with it whenever you have room. The VR device does not require a base station. The four cameras in front of the glasses achieve hand tracking and the effect is very good. In terms of games, Oculus Quest has a very mature ecosystem, such as Beat Saber(rhythm lightsaber), Oh Shape (dance game), Population One (VR Chicken Eating game), half-life, etc.

Recommended reasons: Oculus Quest 2 has been called the best product to buy for a very important reason because it is also a PCVR that can be connected to a computer, so VR games on Steam can also be played. If you have a computer with strong performance, the experience is even better. There are two ways to connect. One through the official quest Link line to connect, the other is through the virtual desktop software to achieve wireless VR, is wireless, but in fact, the delay will not be much larger, but relatively wired for more convenient. Its ease of use, performance and even price can be said to be a pit product.

Disadvantages: The refresh rate is 90Hz, the maximum Angle of view is 90 degrees, it is a disadvantage but also has reached the mainstream VR glasses standard, to improve may have to spend several times the price.

Oculus Quest 2 is arguably the most cost-effective VR product.

2,Valve Index

Product parameters:

  • · Resolution: 3K
  • · Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • · Perspective: ~130°

Introduction: Host VR requires space and a computer with sufficient performance. From 2019 to 2020, this VR glasses has always been the best VR glasses on the market, which is much better than similar products in terms of refresh rate and perspective. Index achieves positioning through two external laser base stations with high accuracy. In comparison, Quest has a higher cost performance, but its absolute performance is inferior to Index. For the gamepad, the large capacitive panel on the back of the Index can detect every finger’s grip. You can even give NPCS the middle finger in the game. Quest’s grip detection method is achieved by pressing buttons, which is a bit low-end.

Recommendation reason: It seems that the resolution is only 3k, but because of its excellent pixel layout and filling quality in real experience, it is not inferior to or even better than other higher resolution VR glasses on the market, coupled with the best quality handle design, such a high refresh rate and perspective, of course, it is expensive for a reason.

Cons: The cons may be its high price, so many people will opt for Oculus Quest 2.