VR devices: the first choice for home entertainment

Classification of VR equipment

With the continuous development of technology, VR equipment is basically divided into three product lines:

VR box, VR all-in-one machine, PCVR

VR box is a device that puts the mobile phone in the VR box to watch movies. It is basically a product of experience nature, and the price is very cheap

VR all-in-one is the first choice to buy VR equipment at present. It is the product line with the fastest development and the fiercest competition, because VR all-in-one is more portable while taking into account performance

PCVR is a VR device that needs to be connected to a computer to use. It has requirements on the configuration of the computer, with the strongest performance and the most extreme game experience, but the price is also the most expensive

Second, VR buying experience

There are three important aspects to evaluate VR devices

· The first is the visual experience, which is defined by perspective and clarity

· The second is physical sensation, which comes down to tracking accuracy and comfort

· The third is additional requirements, such as movie and TV resources, game resources, after-sales service and so on

Let’s talk about it separately:

1. Viewing Angle (FOV)

As the name implies, it is the Angle of view that a person can see. The normal Angle of view of the human eye is 220 degrees, so if you want to achieve the best immersion effect, you must be as close to this number as possible

At present, the visual Angle of VR devices in the market is about 100 degrees, but there are also some all-in-one products positioned as VR cinemas that use relatively small FOV for better viewing experience, so they still need to choose according to their own needs

2. Clarity

Look at three things: resolution, refresh rate and PPI (PPD)

· Resolution refers to the number of pixels per inch. This concept is available on all phones, TVS and computers. But if you want a good movie experience, buy a 4K resolution or higher

· The refresh rate determines the smoothness of the screen. At present, the common refresh rate is 80Hz to 144Hz. If it is mainly for playing games, try to buy a VR device with a high refresh rate

·PPI refers to the number of pixels that human eyes can see in a certain perspective. PPI is a core factor for clarity, and the higher the better. Some manufacturers use PPD for expression

3. Tracking accuracy

Decided to track precision of equipments in the VR mainly has two points, the first is the performance of the positioning system (VR all-in-one relies mainly on the orientation of cameras and PCVR rely on base station), the second is to handle, high tracking precision, low latency to tend to produce more immersive, is not easy to appear giddy, basic is measured after is needed to clear this part, I will re-emphasize the product recommendation in the latter part

4. Comfort level

After all, VR is a head-mounted digital product, and the comfort level of wearing is also very important. If the comfort level of the device is poor, it will be difficult to use it for a long time, and the experience will be greatly reduced. There are three main factors that determine the comfort level of VR:

· First, whether you support pupil distance adjustment or wear glasses determines whether people with different vision levels can have a good experience. But there are many products that do not support myopia adjustment, but you can wear glasses. This should be noted

· The second thing is the weight and distribution method of the device. The lighter the weight is, the less the pressure on the face will be and the less discomfort will occur. The weight distribution method is also important

The third is to look at the material of the equipment, mainly the mask, focusing on the air permeability of the mask material is 5, additional requirements

This part of the main three, film and television, game resources and after-sales service, these are not separate out is VR hardware can decide, but it is also very important, especially for VR of small white or new players, there are many differences between different manufacturers, especially in after-sales service, Therefore, I will focus on this part in the product recommendation

So after understanding the key points of VR purchase, we will directly recommend products, and explain in advance that if the budget is not really limited, it is not recommended to buy VR boxes. Many friends around me want to experience VR, they first buy more than 100 boxes. After using VR, they feel bad, so they think that VR equipment is like this

In fact, the actual use experience of VR box is completely unable to compare with VR all-in-one and PCVR. Many current VR all-in-one machines also support 7-day experience without any reason. Therefore, it is recommended that those who want to play VR at least start from VR all-in-one.